• Liquidity: Structure CRE ownership to unlock liquidity for traditionally illiquid investments.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Built-in adherence to security laws.
  • Automation: Save time and money on investor servicing.
  • Online Reporting: Investor performance snapshot and reports.
  • Document Storage: Centralized and shareable record keeping.
Investor Servicing and Reporting

We develop time and cost saving workflows for Real Estate Sponsors & Investors with our Investor Servicing Portal, Primary Issuance Platform and Offerings.

Investor Servicing Platform

Portfolio Snapshot- A simplified view of your real estate holdings with total performance & distributions summaries. No need to wade thru 40 pages to find the details that truly matter.

Performance & Distributions Overview- See cumulative & annual return, history of distribution amounts, yield, ownership percentage, occupancy and more!

Reporting- Receive the most recent operational & performance reports in simple to understand monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and/or annual investor reports.

Secure file storage - easily manage all your investment reporting and tax documents thru Abstract’s API integration.

Cost & Time Saving Functionality

Cap Table Management - Add or remove investors, view and download current list of investors & corresponding ownership.

Investor Tax Documents - Upload your Partnership Level Schedule K-1 for example, with totals for your organization, and Abstract will generate & populate each investor specific K-1.

Generate Standardized Reports - Use our platform to generate succinct and clear monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and/or annual investor reports based on your reporting period.

Distribution Processing- Save your accountants time! We handle the calculation of each investor’s distribution amount based on their investment date, ownership amount, total distribution amount for the period and other relevant factors. We utilize your bank’s 3rd Party Integration API to seamlessly upload the distribution ACH batch details to your account.

Blockchain Technology & Digital Securities Defined
Blockchain Technology

Abstract leverages blockchain & AI technology to create liquidity for commercial real estate ownership.

Distributed ledger and automation technology enables the scaling up of the number of investors on the cap table, at lower minimums with shorter required holding times. Which increases access for investors and open up new pools of global capital for sponsors, lowering the cost of capital.

Cryptographically secured immutable ledger prevents fraud & provides a complete audit trail.

Blockchain Smart Contracts disintermediates back office middlemen who are still using humans to process through analog workflows and technologically automates functions such as restriction clearing, trade settlement and reconciliation.

What does it mean to convert real estate ownership into digital securities (shares)?

Abstract leverages blockchain technology to structure ownership into a more tradable, digital format that enables efficient liquidity obtained from secondary trading platforms at significantly lower cost and execution times compared to traditional alternatives.

How it works

The process involves writing of custom smart contracts as well as securities laws compliant digital structuring, minting and distributing digital securities. This is recorded to the blockchain’s distributed ledger for immutable record keeping of a tamper proof, auditable data trail. Abstract’s data API relays real time cap table information back.

Compliant Digital Securities

Bringing CRE into the modern age of digital finance.

Structuring of ownership into digital securities with blockchain smart contracts creates a digital format that enables gaining liquidity from regulated secondary trading platforms at significantly lower trading costs & faster settlement.

Security laws & regulatory compliance is programmed into each digital security itself.

Digitizing Commercial Real Estate Investment. Your real estate tokenization experience begins here.